• A paving project can give any garden a complete facelift and a new space the whole family can enjoy. When you are looking for a new patio or path its important to know some key points that will help you know exactly what type of paved area is right for you! To understand where your new paving will go you need to know what you will use it for.
Are you looking for a new paved area for sunbathing, catching those summer golden rays?
Are you looking for somewhere for the kids to play or the garden paddling pool to go?
Are you just looking for somewhere to to sit in the morning and read a chapter of your favorite book with your coffee?
How will the look of my new patio impact the look of the rest of my garden!
Once you know this you will have a better understanding of what type of material you will want your new garden paving to be built from.
Natural sandstone
There is so much choice and just looking at pictures online is not going to give you the best idea of what your paving will look like exactly. You need to feel it and see it in person first to get the full picture of what your new patio will be.   
With the experiance we have gained over the years in running the business we know how important these things are.
So before the project at your home begins we have a set procedure to follow to ensure the new paved area is completely suitable to each customer.
 Step 1) We have a meeting at your property to discuss your new project and talk over things like, what youll be using the patio for and how it will impact the rest of the garden
Step 2) We take all a note of the measurements and requirements of the new garden area
Step 3) We put together a free no obligation estimate and email this to you
Step 4) Once price is agreed we meet at our suppliers based in Milton, Stoke-on-Trent and show you the different paving options like porcelain and sandstone
Step 5) Once the paving is selected we adjust the estimate to match the price of the paving selected
Step 6) We design your patio on your computer software to show you what it will look like before work beings on creating your new perfect patio
Step 7) Deposit is paid and contracts are exchanged which detail everything from payments to start and estimated finish dates
Step 8) Work beings and completed
Step 9) You relax on your new patio with a much deserved drink of choice!

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